HAKELTEL 8.4 RJ/RJ is a complex range of protection devices specially designed for faultless data transfers within computer networks category 5. They protect the input electronic circuits of network cards against a damage caused by surge effects in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0A(B) -1 and higher according to EN 62305. It is recommended to use these protection devices at the input of protected equipment.


HAKELNET 8.4 RJ/RJ designed for protection of eight lines with four protected pairs has RJ45 connectors at the input and output sides of the device. HAKELNET 8.4 LSA/RJ designed for protection of eight lines with four protected pairs has LSA-PLUS connectors at the input side and RJ45 connectors at the output side of the device. For the option with RJ/RJ is intended a metal plate type 19” PSK 24. For the option with LSA/RJ is intended a metal plate type PSK24/LSA.



Number of protected pairs 8
No. of protected pairs per line 4
Input/output RJ45/RJ45
Nominal voltage UN 6 V
Maximum continuous operating voltage UC 7,2 V
Rated load current IL 300 mA
C2 Nominal discharge current ln (8/20) In 20 A
C2 Voltage protection level at In UP 25 V
C3 Voltage protection level at 1 kV/µS UP < 10 V
Frequency handling line-line fg 100 MHz
Max. attenuation < 0,4 dB (at 100 MHz)
Near-end crosstalk > 40 dB (at 100 MHz)
Return loss < 14 dB (at 100 MHz)
Characteristic impedance 100 Ω
Response time tA < 25 ns
Parasitic capacitance C < 47 pF
Category tested acc. to IEC 61643:21-2000 A2, B2, C2, C3, D1
Article number 45 021