Decoupling inductors are intended for rated load current 16A. These inductors, sometimes also called decoupling impedance, ensure the energy coordination between the arresters type 1 and type 2 or the arresters type 2 and type 3 according to IEC EN 62305 and IEC EN 61643-11, especially in the places where there is no adequate distance between the arresters (e.g. when there are two successive arrester types placed in one switchboard). If the energy coordination of surge protection is not achieved, the lightning current impulse can damage some arrester type of the protection cascade. If there is at least 5m distance between two successive arrester types (in case of two successive arrester types in two different switchboards), this section impedance can be considered as adequate.

Internal wiring diagram
Internal wiring diagram
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Installation diagram
Installation diagram
Nominal voltage UN 500 V AC
Rated load current IL 16 A
Inductance L 6 µH ± 10 %
Resistance (in direct current) < 0,01 Ω
Housing material Polyamid PA6, UL94 V-0
Degree of protection of enclosure IP20
Operating temperature ϑ -40°C ... +70 °C
Cross-section of the connected conductors (at tightening moment of clamps 3 Nm) 6 mm2
Max. back-up fuse 16 A
Lifetime min. 100 000 h
Weight m 141 g
Article number 30 400
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