HAKEL ISOLGUARD HIG-IFL1 insulating monitoring device with fault location is a system designed for comprehensive insulating status monitoring of single-phase insulated IT systems in the health sector.
Primary version of the HIG-IFL1 allows to monitor 8 power circuits. This number can be increased by 4 or 8 circuits using expansion module. Maximum number of monitored circuits is 32. The interconnection line between the individual devices must be conducted within a single switchboard.
Expansion module HIG-IFL/EXP8 allows to monitor another 8 circuits.
HIG-IFL1 together with expansion modules enables monitoring systems that are designed and operated in accordance with standards IEC 60364-7-710:2002 (electrical installations at healthcare facilities), IEC 61010-1:2010, IEC 61557-1:2007, IEC 61557-8:2007, IEC 61557-9:2009 up to 275 V AC maximum operating voltage to be monitored.

Basic characteristics
 Expansion module for ISOLGUARD HIG-IFL1 produced by HAKEL
 Insulation status fault location of AC systems with 0 to 275 V voltage
 Expands number of fault location evaluation circuits by another four or eight individual circuits
 Parameters measured by expander are displayed on the HIG-IFL
 Separate supply voltage also allows to monitor IT power supply system, which is not under voltage
 Optional connection of MDS-D and MDS-DELTA remote monitoring modules
 MDS-D module displays number of IN input with insulation status fault
 Module of the rack case 19″ standard 1U height

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Installation diagram
Installation diagram
Supply voltage range Us 110 ÷ 240 V / 50 Hz
Possible type of the monitored IT power supply system single-phase AC system
Recommended tightening torque 230 V AC
according to ČSN
Power consumption P maximum 6 VA
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 IP20
General data
Weight m 3500 g
Housing material steel
Method of assembly standard 19“rack rear panel of a distribution cabinet with a reduction system
Recommended section of the connected conductors S 1 mm2
Operating temperature ϑ -10°C ÷ +60°C
Operating conditions
Atmospheric pressure 86 ÷ 106 kPa
Operating position any
External magnetic and electric field according to IEC 61326-2-4
Overvoltage category / testing voltage III according to ČSN EN 60664-1 ed.2
Pollution degree 2, according to ČSN EN 60664-1 ed.2
Operational mode permanent
Article number 70 958
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