HLA50-440/2+0 (Hakel Ligtning Arrester) of the „G-Line“ range is a lightning arrester according to standard EN 61643-11:2012 (IEC 61643-11:2011) consisting of multiple non-exhausting spark gaps. Its parameters enable usage in buildings with a considerable level of protection LPL I, such as big industrial complexes and properties of particular importance – hospitals, banks, power plants. The device is to be installed on the interface of LPZ 0 – LPZ 1 zones according to standard EN 62305:2011 (IEC 62305:2010), closest to where the overhead line enters the building i.e. the electric power substation, electrometer or the main distribution boards. The product has two PE terminals, which can not be used as a PE bridge.

Internal wiring diagram
Internal wiring diagram
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Installation diagram
Installation diagram
Test class according to EN 61643-11:2012 (IEC 61643-11) TYPE 1, CLASS I
Network type TN-S
Maximum continuous operating voltage UC 440 V AC
Impulse discharge current for class I test (10/350) Iimp 50 kA
Charge Q 25 As
Specific energy for class I test W/R 625 kJ/Ω
Total discharge current (10/350) L+N->PE Itotal 100 kA
Nominal discharge current for class II test (8/20) In 50 kA
Voltage protection level at Iimp Up < 2,5 kV
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) UT 581 V/5 s
Response time tA < 100 ns
Follow current interrupt rating Ifi 3 kArms
Max. back-up fuse 500 A gL/gG
Short-circuit current rating at max. back-up fuse ISCCR 25 kArms
LPZ 0-1
Housing material Polyamid PA6, UL94 V-0
Degree of protection of enclosure IP20
Operating temperature ϑ -40 °C ... +70 °C
HLA50-440/2+0 T1: 6 mm² (L, N), 16 mm² (PE, PEN)
Range of clamps fastening 2,5 - 25 mm² (solid) / 2,5 - 16 mm² (wire)
Method of assembly DIN rail 35 mm / any
Lifetime min. 100 000 h
Weight m 470 g
Article number 10952
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