HSA-385/4+0 M

HSA-385/4+0 M (Hakel Surge Arrester) of the „G-Line“ range is a surge arrester according to EN 61643-11:2012 (IEC 61643-11:2011) consisting of high energy varistors. Its parameters enable its use in complex circumstances. The device is to be installed on the interface of LPZ 1 – LPZ 2 and higher zones according to standard EN 62305:2011 (IEC 62305:2010), i.e. into subsidiary switchboards and control boxes. The product has two PE terminals, which can not be used as a PE bridge.

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Internal wiring diagram
Internal wiring diagram
Installation diagram
Installation diagram
Test class according to EN 61643-11:2012 (IEC 61643-11) TYPE 2+3, CLASS II+III
Network type TN-S
Maximum continuous operating voltage UC 385 V AC / 505 V DC
Maximum discharge current Imax 40 kA
Nominal discharge current for class II test (8/20) In 15 kA
Open circuit voltage Uoc 6 kV
Total discharge current (8/20) L1+L2+L3+N->PE Itotal 160 kA
Voltage protection level at In Up < 1,55 kV
Voltage protection level at UOC Up < 1,25 kV
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) UT 466 V/5 s
Response time tA < 25 ns
Max. back-up fuse 160 A gL/gG
Short-circuit current rating at max. back-up fuse ISCCR 60 kArms
LPZ 1-3
Housing material Polyamid PA6, UL94 V-0
Degree of protection of enclosure IP20
Operating temperature ϑ -40 °C ... +70 °C
Cross-section of the connected conductors (at tightening moment of clamps 3 Nm) 25 mm2 (solid)
16 mm2 (wire)
Method of assembly DIN rail 35 mm / any
Failure signalisation (S) optical function signalization target clear – ok / optical function signalization target red - fault
Lifetime min. 100 000 h
Weight m 428 g
Article number 27534

S indication specifies a version with remote monitoring.

M indication specifies a type of construction with removable module.

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