KO-7/16 (F/F)

KO-7/16 is an innovated coaxial high-frequency protection range designed for protection of equipment connected to an aerial system by means of coaxial cables. Special gas discharge tubes with maximum discharge current Imax (8/20) = 10kA (or 20 kA in case of KO-7/16-R) ensure a reliable protection of the receiving and transmitting systems even against a lightning stroke nearby. This range is produced with 7/16” connector type for various transmission power grades enabling usage in many applications. They are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0A(B) -1 and higher according to EN 62305.

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Connector type 7/16 connector
Maximum continuous operating voltage UC 350 V
Rated load current IL 5 A
D1 Max. lightning impulse current Iimp (10/350 µs) Iimp 2 kA
C2 Max. discharge current (8/20) Imax 10 kA
C2 Nominal discharge current ln (8/20) In 5 kA
C3 Voltage protection level at 1 kV/µS UP 850 V
Frequency range 0-2,6 GHz
Max. transmission power capacity 400 W
Insertion loss < 0,5 dB
Return loss > 15 dB
Characteristic impedance 50 Ω
Category tested acc. to IEC 61643:21-2000 C1, C2, C3, D1
Weight m 165 g
Article number 55 032
EC declaration of conformity (80.43 KB) for registered only