MDS-DELTA is a signalling module for HAKEL ISOLGUARD series insulation monitoring devices (IMDs).

The module is fitted with a visual and acoustic signalling system, warning the user in the event of a fault detected by the ISOLGUARD device. The MDS-DELTA module
is designed for supervisory/monitoring sites as a component of systems constantly informing the user of the status of an ungrounded IT power supply system. The MDS-DELTA module signals the insulation status by means of a yellow control, any current and/or temperature overload, by means of a red control. The module’s own function is signalled with a green control. If a fault occurs, the respective control will flash and the piezo siren will be sounded. Acoustic signalling can be stopped by using the “STOP ALARM” button on the device. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a “TEST” button to initiate remote testing of the IMD. In this manner the MDS-DELTA product meets the requirements for remote signalling of insulation monitoring devices as stipulated by IEC 61557-8. The module design is in a standard profile 45 mm x 45 mm from Legrand, suitable for installation in cable distribution troughs. One IMD can be interfaced to as many as 10 MDS-DELTA modules. Communication with the IMD proceeds via RS485 line by means of an internal protocol. The MDS-DELTA modules can be combined with the MDS-D supervisory system.

Basic characteristics
• Remote signalling module for HAKEL ISOLGUARD insulation monitoring devices
• Design in the Legrand 45 x 45 mm standard, for installation in cable troughs
• Antimicrobial surface for use in hospitals
• Protection type up to IP44, for use in harsh conditions
• Visual and acoustic signalling of insulation status faults
• Visual and acoustic signalling of isolating transformer overload
• Connection to the IMD via RS485 communication line
• Power supply 24 V DC
• Testing button to verify the function of both the IMD and the signalling module
• Button to deactivate sound
• MPS-DELTA can be connected in order to make the visual signalling more alerting
• Up to 10 MDS-DELTA modules can be connected to a one HAKEL ISOLGUARD IMD

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Insulation fault signalling Yes
Transformer overload signalling Yes
Supported IMDs HAKEL ISOLGUARD with the RS485 communication facility (SW version 6.0 or higher)
Signalling means Visual (LED controls) Acoustic (piezo siren)
Antimicrobial surface Yes, Legrand Antimicrobial technology
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 IP 44
Article number 70 064
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