HAKEL ISOLGUARD remote signalling module with display (MDS-D and MDS-D / IP66) is a device equipped with a touch screen displaying the status of insulated IT power supply systems, monitored by insulation monitoring devices HIG9x made by HAKEL. Communication is done via RS485 line.

MDS-D panel also offers another line RS485 (External bus), which is used to transfer actual data to the user’s master system. Communication on this line is done by telegrams based on Profibus protocol. Description of this protocol is available on request.

Panel ISOLGUARD MDS-D is designed to comply with requirements of IEC 61557-8:2007 and it is used for IT power supply system fault signalling, monitored by insulation monitoring devices ISOLGUARD HIG9x.

Basic characteristics

  • Simultaneously displays status of up to 24 IT power supply systems monitored by insulation monitoring devices HIG9x with RS485 line
  • Insulation monitoring devices titling for easier identification
  • Two options of the MDS-D panel based on the final location of the panel
  • Fault and incident audio and visual signalling
  • Display of currently measured values by insulation monitoring devices HIG9x/485
  • Touchscreen control
  • Easy installation
  • Czech or English language menu
  • Degree of protection up to IP66
  • Automatic search for insulation monitoring devices connected to the bus
  • External bus RS485 designed for communication with master system
  • Optional remote test of each connected insulation monitoring device
  • Clear display of detailed configuration parameters of insulation monitoring devices
  • Password protected access to panel setting
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Installation diagram
Installation diagram
Supply voltage range Us 9 ÷ 36 V DC
Power consumption P max. 2 VA
Control method Touch screen control - resistance touch screen layer
Number of displayed devices 1 ÷ 24
Displayable devices ISOLGUARD HIG9x designed with communication line RS485 in any combination
Lockable settings Yes, four-digit PIN may be set to protect access to setting and to advance panel functions
Visual fault signalling Display colour change, flashing
Audio fault signalling Acoustic siren
Termination of fault signalling By touching the screen
Option to invoke a remote test of the connected insulation monitoring device After unlocking advance functions by the PIN code
Data transfer to the master system Via external bus
External bus
Communication busbar type RS485 type MASTER-SLAVE
Data rate 9600 Bd
Parity Even
MDS-D panel position on the line Slave
MDS-D panel default address on the line 1
Insulating strength against internal circuits and network circuits 2500 Vrms
Method of assembly Anchors / Self-cutting screws
Typical application Operating room
Terminals used to connect the conductors Spring terminals
Sections of solid connected conductors S 0,2 ÷ 0,75 mm2
Sections of flexible connected conductors S 0,25 ÷ 0,34 mm2
Recommended section of the connected conductors S Solid wire 0,5 mm2
Recommended cable type STP / UTP
General data
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 IP66
Weight m 500 g
Article number 70 061
Installation instructions (1.42 MB)
2D model (620.27 KB) for registered only
3D model (4.99 MB) for registered only
EC declaration of conformity (82.5 KB)